Pompeo Auctions And Estates-2023

Pompeo Auctions House 37 NH-119 West, Fitzwilliam, NH

Founded by my parents, Pompeo Auctions and Estates have been conducting antique auctions and estate sales since the 1970s. Known for decades for our live in-person antique estate auctions, always including a large selection of clocks, watches, and scientific instruments. Not to mention many specialty auctions such as pens, toys, quilts, etc.

Dick Pompeo's antique tool auctions were a favorite of New England Tool collectors. Always seeking to provide Barn Fresh items for both the entry-level collector and the specialist. These were born from his own love of antique tools and the chance to have a gathering with others who had the same.

Now located in New Hampshire we still conduct in-person auctions in Massachusetts as well as online only and general sales from our retail location in Fitzwilliam New Hampshire.